Fall Cleanup

Fall Clean UpFall, my personal favorite time of year. At CornerStone Design fall is a time for reflection on the past growing season, a time to get ready for the approaching winter but most of all, it’s a time to get to work. Fall clean-up’s are a very busy time. The leaves start falling and the wind is blowing and your yard is getting messy. As the season ends it’s time for a Fall Cleanup.

CornerStone Design is different from our competitors in how we do your Fall Clean-up. We know that it can sometimes be a month before your lawn and landscape is covered in snow. A properly performed Fall Clean-up will make sure you are not looking at piles of dead debris while waiting on the snow. Our Fall Clean-ups consist of pruning your shrubs that need it, cleaning up the dead plant material left by perennials and getting rid of all the leaves and debris. CornerStone Design knows that you have a significant amount of money invested in your landscaping. We don’t want your investment ruined because too much debris was left in your plants to cause rot or encourage animals to nest in for the winter. If your lawn is left too long there will be an open space under the lawn for voles to travel. Fall Clean-up is the time to address all of these issues.

CornerStone Design’s job is to make certain that your landscaping has the best possible advantage going into the winter season. If your Fall Clean-up is done properly, you can expect everything to be in the best possible condition when Spring arrives.

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Before and After Fall Cleanup

Before & After Fall Cleanup 1

Before & After Fall Cleanup 2

Before & After Fall Cleanup 3