Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls come in many shapes and sizes. At CornerStone Design we build Retaining Walls out of wood, stone, man-made stone and concrete retaining wall block. The varieties of stone and man-made stone are vast. There is no doubt, if you need a Retaining Wall, there is a material you will like and CornerStone Design can build it . CornerStone Design’s hardscape crews have years of knowledge and a dedication to building Retaining Walls properly, efficiently and beautifully.

Retaining Walls can either be decorative or an actual Retaining Wall designed to hold back the earth or to build up an area so it can be used for a patio or other function. No matter which Retaining Wall you are looking to build, it will take expertise and at CornerStone Design we have the expertise to make your Retaining Wall a thing of beauty.  Take a ride through any town any neighborhood and you will find Retaining Walls that are crooked, not level, wavy or just plain falling over. Those Retaining Walls were installed incorrectly. There is a system to build a Retaining Wall properly and CornerStone Design’s Hardscaping professionals follow every step.

The Retaining Walls we build for you will last a lifetime and longer. You can rest assured, when CornerStone Design builds your Retaining Walls, it will be lasting beauty for decades and decades.

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