Shrub Pruning

Shrub Pruning by Cornerstone LandscapeShrub pruning is not just taking a power hedger to everything and cutting it back. Many people have little or no knowledge of proper shrub pruning techniques. Very often customer’s call CornerStone Design to have their overgrown shrubs pulled and replaced. Now it would be easy just to take our customer’s money and replace the shrubs. However this isn’t always the only choice. At CornerStone Design we like to make sure our customer’s are well informed of all their choices. In most cases, with the proper pruning techniques, CornerStone Design can make your shrubs the vibrant, healthy perfectly pruned shrubs you want.

Sometimes it can only be a year or two and the shrub looks as it should in your plant bed. Now, this isn’t the case with all the shrubs we prune, sometimes the right answer is to replace that shrub. Then with continued proper pruning it will always look good. Our customer’s frequently request that we plant shrubs that are low maintenance. The fact is…if you want excellent looking plant beds and ornamental trees, they will need pruning. CornerStone Design can take care of all your pruning needs.

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Before and After Shrub Pruning

Before & After Shrub Pruning 1

Before & After Shrub Pruning 2

Before & After Shrub Pruning 3