Spring Clean-Up

Spring CleanupBy the time Spring roles around everyone is usually very tired of winter. At CornerStone Design, we are ready and excited to finally be working outside again. Spring Clean-up’s are a sign that we are into the landscaping season again. So as we put winter behind us, it’s time to get busy and get everything in your yard ready for the upcoming year. Performing a Spring Clean-up is an important step to have healthy beautiful plant beds and an amazing lawn.

Flowerbed Spring CleanupSpring Clean-up starts with pruning any shrubs or trees that are due to be pruned in Spring. Many plants have a specific time to be pruned and at CornerStone Design we make sure that they get pruned when they are supposed to. CornerStone Design makes sure that your plants are cleaned completely out to allow the proper airflow and to make sure rotting debris isn’t choking off the life of your plants. After these Spring Clean-up steps, everything is cleaned out of your beds, all of the ornamental grasses & perennials are cut back and all debris is removed and hauled away. CornerStone Design doesn’t leave the debris on your curb or stuff it into the corners of your property, we haul it away, all of it. Once the Spring Clean-up in the plant beds is done, we apply specialized fertilizers and soil amendments to give your plants a quick wake up.

If you have mulched plant beds, it’s time to re-mulch as soon as the Spring Clean-up is done (see mulch page). Now CornerStone Design is finished with your Spring Clean-up in the beds and it’s on to your lawn’s  Spring Clean-up. The first step is to get the entire lawn de-thatched (if necessary) and all the debris is bagged and hauled away.  Then CornerStone Design edge’s all of your paved surfaces.

Garden & Flower Bed Spring CleanupAs the final step of your lawn’s Spring Clean-up, CornerStone Design will make sure that an application of Crabgrass Preventer is professionally applied to your lawn. We then use our backpack blowers and blow the entire property clean.

Wow, that was a lot of work! At CornerStone Design we have a firm belief that a properly performed Spring Clean-up is vital to your enjoyment of your property. You have a lot of money invested in your home & yard. The Spring Clean-up performed by CornerStone Design ensures that your home will look it’s best.

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