Watering Instructions

Use Cornerstone’s simple instructions for watering to ensure that your new plants and sod survive and adapt to their new environment. 

How Often?

Cornerstone Landscape Nursery will properly water new plantings on the day of installation and every day that we are there working on your project.

  • Be sure you water adequately the day after we are finished with your project
  • Then water every other day thoroughly for the first month.
  • After the first month, water a couple of times a week depending on if we are receiving adequate rainfall. If no rainfall, water more.

How Much?

  • Water plants with a slow stream of water in the center of the plant.
  • Thoroughly soak the soil immediately beneath and around the plant.
  • Spray the foliage after the soil is soaked.



  • Any time of the day that’s convenient for you.
  • Plants in planters or on raised berm areas may require watering more often.
  • Pay special attention to weather conditions. You may need to vary watering frequency and amount according to excess rainfall or drought conditions.


  • The first 24 hours are extremely critical to the success of your new lawn.
  • New sod should be soaked after installation until the ground is a muddy consistency.
  • Keep sod consistently and continuously moist for approximately 14 days following installation.
  • Following this 2-week initial period, sod may need watering 3 times per week for another month and then weekly, depending on weather conditions, for the remainder of the season.


  • Your new lawn and new plantings have different watering requirements. Your new lawn requires more water.
  • Heavy compacted soils may hold or pond water longer than black, fertile soil. Please make adjustments to these conditions.
  • Plants in sunny exposures will dry out faster than those in shade.
  • Smaller plants (perennials and annuals) tend to dry out quicker than large ones, however special care should be taken to thoroughly water large plants. If you think you’ve watered a large plant long enough, water it a few minutes more.
  • Water trees using a hose placed at the base of the tree at a slow rate for at least 20 minutes per tree.
  • If landscape fabric was used in your plant beds, please water the center of the plant, because water will not be absorbed through the fabric very quickly and will tend to run off.
  • Please remember that the above information is a guideline only. Watering is not an exact science.
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