Patios & Walkways

At CornerStone Design we build Patio’s and Walkway’s and Driveways. We use both man-made materials and natural materials. The look of a natural stone Walkway is very desirable in any landscape. Or maybe you want the smoothness of a paver sidewalk. Either way, CornerStone Design is the professional landscape contractor you want. A properly installed Patio or Walkway will last for century’s. The cobblestone roads in Europe have been in place for centuries, some are over 500 years old. If you want lasting beauty with ease of travel, choose a Patio, Walkway or Driveway made from pavers.

CornerStone Design has installed over 100,000 square feet of paver Patio’s & Walkways. Our crews have also installed thousands of feet of Flagstone Walkways & Patio’s. That is the type of experience that will get you the Patio, Walkway or Driveway of your dreams. We go beyond industry standards when installing any Patio or Walk. The industry standard for Patio’s and Walkway’s is 6” of compacted base below the paver or natural stone. When we build them our minimum is 10”. That is just one example of how CornerStone Design gives you more for your money when building a walk or patio.

Natural Stone and Paver Patio’s and Walkway’s don’t crack and chip away like concrete does. If you are planning on entertaining on your new patio, you want the beauty and design of a landscaped Patio & Walkway not just a concrete slab. Let CornerStone Design build a Patio or Walkway with lasting beauty at your home.

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